A place for women and teen girls to develop self-awareness, heal, and improve  their quality of life.

Healing is an art.

It takes time.

It takes practice.

It takes love.

-Maza Dohta

Are traumatic experiences preventing you from moving forward in life?

Are you feeling pressure to fit in with friends at school
or overwhelmed by the demands of not letting your parents down?

Are you feeling misunderstood and feel that your voice isn’t being heard?

Are you stuck and not sure which direction to turn to?


Specializing in:

Individual Therapy for Women

Individual therapy consists of having an outlet and nonjudgmental space to express your past, present, and future. In this space, you will be able to be yourself, decompress, and be at ease. This space will also assist you with developing self-awareness in regards to how you can develop the skills needed to improve your quality your life.

Therapy for Teen Girls

Teen girls experience a lot of pressure that range from living up to parent’s expectations, excelling in school, fitting in with their friends, relationship difficulties, etc. Sometimes these feelings of stress can lead to low self-esteem, body image issues, anxiety, depression, or other long-term severe effects Therapy will provide a non-judgmental experience that will guide teens with finding their inner voice, expressing their current frustrations, and/or topics that they are not comfortable discussing with their parents or friends.

Family Therapy

It is important that teens have a healthy and strong family unit. When a teen is facing challenges, it is experienced by the family as well. Family therapy sessions will be an opportunity for all members to express their perspectives and concerns. Current conflict that occurs within the family, will also be explored in family sessions. The goal of family therapy is to explore problem solving and effective communication skills in order to improve the dynamics of the family.

Teen Check-In

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Meet Your Therapist

Nathasha Nazaire, LPC

I am a licensed Professional Counselor in the state of New Jersey with ten years of experience working in the field of Mental Health. I graduated from the College of Saint Elizabeth with a Bachelors in Psychology.

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